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Clean Language (in English)

Clean Language 

'Clean' is a metaphor for a way of being with others that is free (clean) of own assumptions, pre-suppositions, interpretations, judgments. It minimizes unintended influence on others and reduces the risk of wasteful projections. The aim is to leave people free to answer from their experience, unlock their creativity and let them come up with solutions that match their way of being in the world. Symbolic Modeling is a coaching and therapeutic methodology that uses Clean Language questions and Clean Thinking as the heart of the model.

During this workshop you will discover and become comfortable using the 12 primary Clean Questions and the Problem-Remedy-Outcome Model (PRO) to model what is happening in your clients world, what they would like to have happen and begin helping them achieve clarity, solutions and personal/professional transformations! This workshop covers the full spectrum of the Symbolic Modeling Process giving you the logic and structure of the methodology, along with a hands on appreciation of how 'simplicity in action' or less is more thinking can help your clients faster and in more generative ways.

Target Group:

Are you a ...

• coach, therapist or holistic practitioner?
• leader, manager or supervisor in business?
• teacher, parent or someone who works with children?
• or simply interested in improving your ability to communicate well?


What you will learn:

  • Powerful questions you can use in day-to-day life to gain greater clarity and understanding in practically any situation.
  • Because you work with real life examples, you gain personal insight and behavioral flexibility that extends beyond class time.

Goals / Benefits:

You’ll come away with takeaways including…

  • Powerful questions you can use in day-to-day life to gain greater clarity and understanding in practically any situation.
  • How to go from Uh oh to Ah-ha – changing problems to possibilities with the 12 primary Clean Language Questions.
  • How to give or to get useful feedback without conflict.
  • How CL is related to the latest findings in cognitive science and systems theory.

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