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Annette B. Czernik - PCC

Annette B. Czernik
Mitglied des Chapters Frankfurt

Inspired Executives

Robert-Blum Str. 7
60385 Frankfurt am Main

ICF ZertifizierungPCC
Coachingerfahrung- Jahre
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Lieblingsmotto / -zitat

„Truth is Life.“ Frank Lloyd Wright (1867 – 1959)


Leaders, Professionals and Creative People



Executive, Leadership & Business Coaching


Kontext und Schwerpunkte

Executive Coaching (1:1 and teams): 

  • Managing and leading organizational and individual change 
  • Preparing alpha people and corporate hippies for the boardroom 
  • Creating vision, mission or value proposition statements for Executives and organizations
  • Mastering Leadership Energy™, resilience and mindfulness
  • Managing transitions, for example surviving the first 100 days in a leadership role or creating a legacy

Coaching and consulting with Inspired Executives not only leads to measurable results and a timely implementation; it also focusses on ensuring a long-term perspective and sustainability. 


Sprachen im Coaching

English and German

  • iPEC – Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching, USA
  • ICF – International Coach Federation
  • InterNations
  • Board member of the network for tolerance


Ausbildung / Weiterbildung
  • Certified Professional Coach – iPEC Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (# 1 rated coach training school in the United States)
  • Regular supervision and coaching with a coach colleague 
  • Energy Leadership™ Master Practitioner (ELI – MP) - iPEC
  • Curriculum “Consulting Skills” – Ashridge Business School
  • Curriculum “Managing and Resolving Conflict” – Dr. Gerhard Schwarz, Vienna University
  • Curriculum “Continuous Improvement Process: Coaching Managers and Leaders” at Deutsche Bank, concito, Dr. Peter Lembke, Munich 
  • Licensed in the following psychometric and 360 tools: LIFO®, MBTI®, DiSC, Lominger Voices™, PDI Profiler.
Weitere Angebote / Leistungen

It's all about Leadership!
Annette Czernik is an executive coach, project leader, mentor and writer in Frankfurt, Germany. Annette serves clients worldwide: face-to-face or virtually, in English or German. Annette’s work combines deep experience – national and international – in leadership development, executive education, talent, inclusion and performance management with creativity, humor, and a strong methodological skill-set. With her coaching business Inspired Executives Annette supports leaders in making and delivering on strong commitments, while building resilience, executive presence, and capacity for purposeful action along the way. 

Inspired Executives ( provide services around - Coaching - Change Management - Mentoring - Cross-Cultural Communication. 





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Get a flavor of coaching with Inspired Executives and download the free eBook of ‚Energetic? Change! Exceptional Leaders Use Leadership Energy.’ from

Annette's signature strengths are creativity, appreciation of beauty & excellence, love of learning, curiosity and honesty. Find out yours here:

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