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Book Review: Evolutionary Coaching in a Teal consciousness perspective

In his book “Reinventing Organizations” Frederic Laloux refers to a worldwide Gallup

survey reveals that only 13 % of workers are engaged in work. The vast majority say

they are not motivated, while 24 % are actively dissatisfied with their workplace” This

proves that the current hierarchical organization chart is ripe for the evolutionary

scrap heap. Throughout human history, we have taken highly necessary leaps from

tribal organization to rural communities, and on to industrial and gradually

the information society. Now we face the fifth leap, the consciousness leap. He

describes the 'new generation' organizations and how they

operate. His research in the field of emerging organizational models, has been

described as “groundbreaking,” “brilliant,” “spectacular,” “world-changing,” and “a leap in

management thinking” by some of the most respected scholars in the field of human



Christopher is an evolutionary global unconditional co-creator coaching his coachees from

the emerging future.  We are at a global turning point  of global change, in societal

innovation, personal transformation and purpose driven business. Humanity is in a major

transition towards the next Renaissance, an evolutionary movement of future pioneers,

women and men with universal consciousness, people with a calling to create a new

narrative for humanity.


Learnings for Participants

  • Understand the Barrett model of personal transformation

  • Overview of Evolutionary Coaching

  • Understand what personal mastery means

  • How to deal with negative emotions based on unmet ego needs

  • How and why do we decide the way we do



    With the confirmation of your ticket you will receive indications for two exercises.

    We highly recommend going through them in order to get the most out of the session.


    Optional Readings before the event:

    „Reinventing Organizations“ by Frederic Laloux, „A new psychology of Human well being“

    and „Evolutionary coaching“ by Richard Barrett



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