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Live Webinar: Change your story. Change your world. A brief introduction to storytelling for coaches.

The shortest distance between two people is a story. Storytelling in business and in coaching has increasingly gained importance because stories have the power to create trust, connect people and hearts, and change our perspectives. Storytelling raises the willingness to think, feel and act differently. People remember stories they engage, motivate and inspire. Stories sell. Your business needs a good story if you want it to thrive.

Tell your unique, compelling and true story. If it moves you, it will touch others. There is nothing more attractive than authenticity. You can detect it a mile away! It builds trust, and not only attracts your ideal clients but also huge business growth.

Storytelling in a coaching scenario occurs as clients telling us their stories as well as us coaches telling them stories to reinforce learning and transformation.

Let‘s explore some storytelling strategies to build confidence, credibility and attract great clients.

Annette B. Czernik, PCC & Certified Story Coach, has 25+ years experience as a manager and mentor in multinational financial services companies, and 20 years experience coaching leaders at all levels. With her coaching practice Inspired Executives, she offers coaching and consulting in the fields of change management, leadership excellence and cross-cultural communication.

Silke Klees worked 13+ years  in IT change projects in Europe and North America. She is passionate about supporting people to face change with an open mindset rather than fear. She is a certified Co-Active® Coach

Participants will

•learn what storytelling is and what the elements of an effective story are
•discuss opportunities to utilize stories and storytelling in their coaching practices
•reflect on the narratives they or their clients have been telling themselves
•experience the power of their story and
•gain ideas and take away a few tools to create their own stories 


Recommended Reading

By Annette Simmons: „The story factor“ & „Whoever tells the best story wins“

By Stephen Denning: „The leader‘s guide to storytelling“

By Nancy Duarte: „Resonate“


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