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How to Create Transformative Moments of Meeting with Your Clients - Dr. David B. Drake

How to Create Transformative Moments of Meeting with Your Clients

Clients cannot change if they cannot cope. To get the best results from coaching, they need to first move into a mindful state. Otherwise, it is like trying to build a house without a foundation — it washes or blows away in the first storm.

In this session, we will explore (1) the basics of attachment theory as it relates to developing adults, (2) the four levels of neural regulation that are needed to change behavior, and (3) the four key moments in coaching and how to use them to create transformative experiences with your clients. 

Putting mindfulness in motion increases clients’ ability to transfer what they learned in coaching to their lives and their work. Case studies will be shared so you can see this work in action along with practical tips you can use to incorporate this approach in your coaching practice.

Dr. David B. Drake

Dr. David Drake founded the field of narrative coaching and offers the Narrative Coach program through WBECS. He is a master coach and has taught coaching skills to over 15,000 leaders, managers and professionals in twenty countries. David is a Fellow and Thought Leader for the Institute of Coaching at Harvard.

David has supported change and coaching initiatives in over 70 organizations. He earned his PhD in Human & Organizational Development from Fielding Graduate University and is the author of over 50 publications. David launched the Moment Institute in San Francisco in 2018 to advance his work.



Benefits for participants

       Learn how to help clients regulate themselves and others so they are more open to learn and develop.

       Learn how to help clients move beyond coping to be able to connect, create and contribute more fully.

       Learn how to use the coaching relationship itself as a powerful resource for supporting change in clients.

       Learn how to better recognize openings and opportunities for change in coaching sessions.

       Learn how to invite clients to have the experience or conversation they most need to have to move forward.

Books, to introduce topic in more detail

Narrative Coaching: The Definitive Guide to Bringing New Stories to Life (2nd ed) (CNC Press, 2018).


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