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Sarah Peyton - Play Nice in There: Transforming the Brain‘s Inner Critic for Coaches and Clients

Play Nice in There: Transforming the Brain‘s Inner Critic for Coaches and Clients

When we receive contempt from others, our immune system suffers and our wounds don‘t heal. When we receive contempt from ourselves, we‘re trapped in a loop that saps our life energy and makes us sick. So people tell us to be kind to ourselve, and that creates another level of the loop, because we can‘t do that, either. Sometimes it seems like there‘s no way out. But once we begin to see what‘s happening from the point of view of the brain, everything starts to make sense and to heal. When we understand why the critical voice is there and what it‘s trying to do, we understand that the criticism is not truth, and that we can change the pattern. Join Sarah Peyton for a moving and fun exploration of transforming our critical inner voice. Suitable for coaches with their own critical voice and for those who have clients with diificult voices.

Sarah PeytonSarah Peyton, author of the book Your Resonant Self, teaches and writes about the joyful path of self-warmth. Her work synthesizes relational neuroscience, including the research of Porges, Panksepp, Lanius, Beebe and Lieberman, together with the power of brain-conscious language. It is fun, challenging and very experiential.










Participants will :


  • Learn the roots of the self-critical voice
  • Discover what language tames this voice
  • Understand the kinds of self-care contracts we make with ourselves that result in the voice
  • How to dissolve harmful self-care contracts
  • Experience the relief and joy of self-warmth

Your Resonant Self by Sarah Peyton, published by W.W. Norton, 2017

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