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Emotional Intelligence for Coaches

Emotional Intelligence for Coaches

In coaching processes coaches are responsible towards themselves, the client and process. Therefore,  selfmanagement and coaching mindset are crucial. Being able to understand the concept and develop  elements of personal Emotional Intelligence is one of the crucial factors that differentiate good coaches and excellent ones. On the other hand, the client is responsible for the outcome of their own coaching. If the coach has developed skills to listen to clients’ EI elements, building trust and intimacy as well as powerful questioning and direct communication will be more powerful and appropriate.

A part of the session will be dedicated to wellbeing concept and understanding how elements of EI (which can be heard and understood by the coach) influence the current level and potential for growth of wellbeing in client’s life.

Mirjana is a professional certified coach in the field of leadership development and organizational growth, the author of a book "Lighthouse in me" and Executive Director of the Agency "One2grow-Leadership Coaching". She holds both PCC and Registered Mentor Coach credentials in ICF.

Mirjana believes that we are all born to be happy. Therefore, her work can be characterized as maximizing the power and knowledge of individuals, in order to grow organizations and society in general.  She conducts projects designed for management and employees of large international companies, based on individual and team coaching.

She is happily married and the mother of three.

Benefits fort he participants:

  •  Gain basic understanding of how to listen to client’s Emotional Intelligence (pillars and subscales)
  •  Realize in which fields is EI crucial for coaching process
  •  Understand connection between client’s EI and Wellbeing - starting point for coaching process
  • Get insight of their own EI level
  • Make individual plan for their own Wellbeing improvement 


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