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The Art of Deep Bonding - Unusual conversations to expand perspectives of top leaders and their behavioural repertoire

Leadership in the VUCA world requires all facets of the personality. It stretches thinking and feeling of the client to the maximum. What can we do as coaches helping our clients to get access to ALL their resources as well as overcoming deeply rooted beliefs and behavioural patterns. Basic stuff. But the realm of Digitalisation and Transformation the leadership world is different. With the bandwidth of mental and emotional activities like ever changing daily priorities fired by agile ways of working, strategic thinking, knowing operational details to understand the big picture to achieve KPI´s, todays leaders are always on their toes. What and how can we offer to keep our clients centred and powerful, help them to understand how to cut easily through complexity and information clutter and respond with empathy but decisiveness at the same time. The appropriate use of mindfulness and body-based techniques are needed therefore and part of the session.

Speaker: Roland Gieske

Roland´s coaching starts with a solid bibliography analysis jointly with the coachee, understanding the data from 360° feedback and other reports over time. His style is empathetic, direct, warm and caring. He creates quickly a deep rapport with the client to understand the root cause of performance inhibitors or to get access to new resources and behavioral strategies. Jointly areas of strength and development are identified which are needed to master the current stage of life and career level. The PDP – a personal development plan - is the result and basis for the further leadership journey together with measures like a learning buddy to sustain and root the new behavioral options.

Benefits for the participants?

  • Refine the approach of coaching through different techniques to increase the impact and effectiveness of coaching
  • Increased efficiency during the coaching process bypassing established behavioral patterns
  • Creating a deeper impact during the coaching conversation
  • Anchoring the ideal-state and new perspective with imagery
  • Presented Techniques: The Dominant Logic, The Relational Field, the Memory Palace, 12 Competencies of digital leaders, Emotional Distancing and the 5 most powerful questions in coaching

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30. March; 2020


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