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Harnessing Cinema as a Coaching Metaphor

For you to 'dance in the moment', you and your client must hear the same music.
I want to introduce you to 'Cine Inspired Coaching', a powerful coaching tool that harnesses Cinema as a metaphor.

Every Film needs a scriptwriter, a director, and an actor. The movie which we all call our life is no exception. Even in Hollywood, you could count on one hand the number of artists who have mastered all these trades. Each one of us is a 'natural' in something, exercising different skills. Some of us are intuitive planers; others like to delve into detailed planning while others enjoy acting without a program, seeing where life takes them.

Understanding these primary roles, maximizing our performance in each of them, and fluidly being able to change points of view through grasping the interconnections within the big picture is the key to instigating change.

Rony Gruber has vast experience in creating Happy Endings.

 After a prosperous 30 year career as a film director, he has traded scripts and actors with making real people's visions come to life.

Rony cultivates space for his clients to play out their personal and professional narratives and form a deeper understanding of who they are and how they wish to present themselves in the world. With eight years of experience as a coach, Rony has perfected the match between the language of Cinema and the transformative power of coaching and turned it to a result proven technique.

Benefits for the participants

  • This webinar will allow you to experience and understand how using Cine Inspired Coaching makes it easier for coaches and their clients to move between different perspectives intuitively and creatively.
  • Get to know a tool that provides a space for improvisation and spontaneity within a structured framework, enhancing coaching presence, awareness, and the ability to ask powerful questions.
  • Add a reflective mechanism to your toolbox that helps identify and use your client's and your 'strong suit,' thus making it much easier to explore 'I don't know' situations.
  • Learn how to create an agreed-upon role-playing terminology, using it as the base of a cognition bypass technique.
  • Discover how to use this ability to create an enabling safe setting, and invite your client to use playfulness required to try out the less explored roles he may assume in his life.


01. October 2020; 17:00 - 18:30


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