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Five Dysfunctions, Psychological Safety, and its Neurobiological Foundation

The speakers will present the model of the 5 dysfunctions of a team, founded by Patrick Lencioni, and derive the corresponding model of success factors for teams. Trust as the basis of cooperation forms the connection to psychological security and the bridge to innovation, creativity and productivity. At the same time, both the 5 success factors and psychological security serve central human neurobiological motives and provide motivation and a sense of belonging.



Bernhard Broekman & Anne Schweppenhäußer


Bernhard Broekman, Dipl.-Psych., Senior Coach DBVC, GKM-Stresstrainer and ISB Master has been working independently as a coach, trainer, psychotherapist, moderator and mediator since 2001 and often finds the injured basis - i.e. injured trust - when people no longer develop and end up in destructive conflict with each other. To be able to coach in a supportive way in this situation is usually very satisfying for him. Bernhard lives and works with his wife in Wiesbaden and has been an Associate Partner since autumn 2019 and a Partner of Leadership Choices since May 2020.

Anne Schweppenhäußer ( is managing partner of CICERO Organisationsentwicklung GmbH, Stuttgart. She is a graduate psychologist with a focus on industrial and organizational psychology. Anne Schweppenhäußer is a Master Certified Coach (ICF), member of the ICF board (Pro-Bono-Ignite/Virtual Education and Chapter Support), mentor coach, Senior Coach BDP, certified user of the Hogan Assessment System and certified as a Narrative Coach.


Benefits for the participants

  • The participants learn about the basic model of P. Lencioni and the success factors for teams derived from it.
  • They will be able to better understand trust and constructive conflict management as the basis for success.
  • They also understand the construct of psychological security with evidence from studies and their own experiences.
  • Know the difference between trust, psychological security and "groupthink
  • And know about the neurobiological needs that ensure success and commitment



Mo., 10. Aug. 2020 19:00 (CEST)


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