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Susan Schöning: Sue has been in private practice as a Vedic Astrologist and Vedic Psychologist since 1999, operating for many years in Johannesburg, South Africa. A move to Germany in 2010 brought dramatic changes to her life ... and because she couldn't speak the language in her new country, she had to reinvent her entire business strategy to survive this new challenge.  Over the past seven years, she has developed a series of signature programmes, a wide digital library of meditations, online courses, books,  workshops and videos all designed to stimulate self discovery and awareness. She has an extensive international following and runs every aspect of her exceptionally busy practice online. 


“I now have a thriving online practice and connect with clients from all over the world through the internet. I  have learned to leverage the power of the internet to deliver my service and workshops online ... and would love to teach you how you can grow your coaching or spiritual practice to in the online space so that you can start to create a powerful passive income stream. “ 

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