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2021 - another year of.... Imagine you get to create the experience you want to have! An ICF Christmas Special Edition Live from Southern California – with Intentional Creativity ®

All of us had imagined 2020 to be so very different than what it turned out to be. How do we navigate this unchartered territory? How do we get to even create from it? Leading ourselves (leader within) and others (clients, direct reports, and those that are close to us) is essential in our current times.

Join this highly experiential session where you get to explore how to lead from the unknown. We will reflect on 2020, connect to ourselves, our imagination, and inner wisdom throughout the session using tools from Intentional Creativity® to imagine what is possible in 2021.

Intentional Creativity®?

Creating with intention is simply working with mindfulness in whatever we set our hands to. Whether it is creating a meal, a business plan or whatever your mind can envision. We are more present because we choose to be - and the results are different than if we are unaware. Intentional Creativity is an approach to creating that yields greater access to who we are now and who we are becoming, and what is possible for us and our unfolding future.


Speaker: Melanie (von Wangenheim) Sears, PCC, CPCC, INLPTA, DVNLP

Melanie is an ICF Professional Certified Coach specializing in coaching potential, business and facilitating innovation. She works with individuals, leaders and teams. As founder and CEO of Soul of Business her impact is to support and partner with her clients to enable them to consciously work towards a lifestyle and legacy that nurtures their soul and creates a thriving livelihood for them and their businesses. She and her network have worked with large corporations, startups and indviduals that are going through transformation. Some familiar names: Discovery Channel, Estee Lauder, Siemens, Surevey monkey, Lufthansa, Chegg, SmartRecruiters, BMW, and Fujitsu .

Connect and learn more about Melanie on LinkedIn:


Benefit for the participants

  • You will have tools to lead yourself and others in the unknown.
  • How to open a session and get everyone present.
  • Allowing participants to reflect and gain new insights.
  • Experiencing a fast track to your own/ your client’s imagination and intuition through metacognitive drawing.
  • Transitioning from seeing the obstacle to finding the gift.
  • Experiencing different levels of listening.
  • We will have breakout sessions on zoom to deepen the experience and share in small groups.
  • The session will be held in English and recorded. The breakout sessions will not be recorded. Questions throughout can be asked in German.


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