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International Coaching – intercultural coaching?

“Do you coach in English?“ – „Yes I speak English fluently.“ This is probably not an adequate answer to a not adequate question... It can be the beginning of a sequence of misunderstandings or even misconceptions. Coaching in an international context does not only require language skills, it furthermore requires intercultural competences. Why?

Together we will have a look at the relevance of intercultural aspects in coaching focusing on how intentions and effects of methods and techniques can be conveyed in different communication cultures. 

We tackle the topic from 2 perspectives:

  1. Settings: On the basis of practical experiences with peer coaching as a method in international leadership development we reflect on cultural aspects like e.g. roles, techniques, resources- and solution-oriented processes, time management, rapport.
  2. Interviewing and intervention techniques: Bringing in experiences from our coaching practice, we reflect the different effects in different cultural contexts. And how intentions can adequately be coded respecting explicite and implicite rules.

    Both perspectives play an important role regarding e.g. international certifications like e.g. ICF´s ACC, PCC und MCC.

    Based on some input regarding cultural aspects and practical experiences we will exchange further experiences and discuss open questions.

About the Speaker:

Sabine has more than 25 years of experience in personal and organizational development in international contexts and 12 years coaching experience. She has worked in China, Hungary, Finland, Italy, Tanzania, Georgia und Australia. 

Before she founded QuinteSentio GmbH & Co. KG (former Zentrum für Kompetenzen) she worked in various management positions at universities in Germany and Australia and with a company in the financial services sector. She has studied Linguistics and History focusing on International Business Communication in which she holds a PhD (Prof. Dr. Jürgen Bolten). 

Her interest was always – and still is – the individual human being in a complex world. Recently she completed a trainer qualification for Mindful Leadership (Mindful Leadership Institut, Salzburg)

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