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Mindful coaching with the brain in mind: Key to high performance

Do negative feelings make you underperform? Does stress make you feel out of control? We all do. Luckily, we have the foundations to change. Our Brain. Intelligently designed, gifted with a great potential and providing us with the opportunity to be in charge of ourselves and coach others.

Mindful Coaching

Mindful coaching with neuroscience uses the state-of-the-art neuroscientific findings for the creation of innovative applications for coaching contexts and behavioral change.  Self-control is the capacity to regulate impulses, emotions and thoughts in order to realize unlocked potential. Attendants will come to understand how their brain exerts self-control, how it fails and how they can improve self-control. Different techniques will be explained to regulate unproductive states of mind, with the main target to reach a balanced state of mind, in which you excel and yet retain their energy and capacity!

Dr. Karolien Notebaert

Dr. Karolien Notebaert has Ph.D. in Behavioral Neuroscience and is the founder of One Step Ahead/Notebaert Consulting ( Her area of expertise is self-control and mindfulness, of which she investigates the neural foundations and implications. She uses her passion for neuroscience and expertise in this area in seminars, workshops, individual trainings and impulse speeches to give powerful and inspirational insights into your daily behaviour and decision making. Her talent to make the complexity of neuroscience accessible has sparked many audiences. At the Summer University 2013 (Wiesbaden, Germany), her workshop was rated as the best workshop in the area of neuroleadership. She is the bestseller author of the F.A.Z.-book 'Wie das Gehirn eine Spitzenleistung bringt' (How the brain brings a peak performance).


  • What is going on in my brain when I make decisions?

  • Why does my brain have limitations and what is going on in my brain if I have used all my resources?

  • Which strategies are effective for my brain to regain control and ability to perform? How does mindfulness unlock my resources to make me live up to my highest potential?

  • How does repeated mindfulness training affect my brain and consequent behavior?

Further reading

  • Notebaert, K., Creutzfeldt, P. (2015). Wie das Gehirn eine Spitzenleistung bringt. (F.A.Z. Buchverlag, Juni 2015)

  • Heatherton, T.F., Wagner, D.D., 2011. Cognitive neuroscience of self-regulation failure. Trends in Cognitive Sciences 15, 132-139.



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