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Coach-IT Festival

Launch of the ICF Erasmus Coach-IT Learning Platform (Beta) & Coach-IT Barcamp

COACH-IT develops a user-driven, evidence-based and recognized training program, that provides those that are active as coaches, with the knowledge, skills and competencies to develop their online coaching services, while at the same time ensuring (or increasing) the quality of the intervention and taking into account the needs of their clients.

The main target groups are the prospective coaches and already active coaches, who will benefit from the courses developed under the project as their skills and competencies around online coaching, and the provision of online coaching services will be enhanced. The program addresses what skills are needed for online coaching, how to define your coaching presence and particularly, how to coach online in a meaningful way for the clients. This will have a strong impact on the competitiveness of coaches and their professional development. At the same time, it will allow them to be better prepared to address a broader market and increase their marketability., as they will be better adapted to the emerging trends and demands from a digitalized (post-pandemic) society.


Benefits for the participants

  • Become beta user of the new Coach-IT Learning Platform and Curriculum
  • Get latest insights on Coach-IT trends
  • Bring coaching tech to life with own sessions
  • Take home tangible results from expert sessions
  • Network & connect with other coaching tech pioneers


Course of the event

10 am: Present Coach-IT Project and Learning Platform
11 am: Barcamp Presentation & Planning
12 am: 1st Session round
1 pm: Lunch/networking break
2 pm: 2nd Session round
3 pm: 3rd Session round
4 pm: Wrap up


More Information



Tue, 25 April 2023, 10:00 – 17:00 CEST



Please purchase your tickets at Eventbrite




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