International Coach Federation Deutschland

English-Speaking Coaches in Germany

Open Space to discuss the issues affecting you, your coaching business and other topics of interest such as leadership & diversity

  • Are you a certified professional coach living in Germany who works mostly in English?
  • Are you looking to connect with like-minded coaches and to co-create a support network and community?
  • Are you interested in sharing learning and making a positive contribution to society through our work?

If so, then we warmly invite you to our next virtual gathering on the last Monday of each month from 18:30-20:00:


Monday, 28th February, 18:30-20:00 CET

Monday, 28th March 18:30-20:00 CET

Monday, 25th April 18:30-20:00 CET

Monday, 30th May 18:30-20:00 CET

Monday, 27th June 18:30-20:00 CET

Monday, 25th July 18:30-20:00 CET

Monday, 29th August 18:30-20:00 CET

Monday, 26th September 18:30-20:00 CET

Monday, 31st October 18:30-20:00 CET

Monday, 28th November, 18:30-20:00 CET

Place: Zoom – sign up via Eventbrite on the ICF Germany website to get your ticket.

Co-Facilitators: Thelan Nguyen and Anjalika Bhaskar-Sawahn


An opportunity to network and discuss issues related to coaching as an English speaking coach in the German market.

Bring your issues and call a breakout to discuss, or just come and exchange and support your colleagues with their interests and challenges.

If you’re interested in joining us, you will need to:

  • Be a committed professionally trained and certified coach.
  • Be prepared to get actively involved in co-building our coaching community.
  • Bring a generous spirit of collaboration and give-and-take.
  • Adhere to the ICF core competences and ethical code.
  • Agree to our Rules of Engagement.


Please note

  • Our monthly sessions are co-facilitated by diverse teams of participants on a rotation-basis.
  • Meetings are guided by our emerging collective purpose (connecting, learning, serving society) and coaching themes.
  • We do not provide formal coach training.
  • This independent initiative is being supported by ICF Germany. Nevertheless, we are inclusive of non-members and coaches who belong to different professional bodies.
  • Our network isn’t meant for those coaches who have completed their coach training in German and who work predominantly in German.


We look forward to meeting you soon!

Who we are

Andrew Bunting is an international leadership and wellness coach nurturing sustainable performance. Based in Munich, he is a former Board member of ICF Germany and coaches in English and German.

Thelan Nguyen facilitates his clients' self-growth, supporting them to create courageously a sustainable shift at work and in their personal lives. Based at Lake Constance, he is an executive, leadership and agile coach. As a perpetual expat, he works in English, French, German and Vietnamese.

Anjalika Bhaskar-Sawahn is an ICF accredited coach, communication & intercultural trainer who continuously enables and inspires her clients to attain and unlock their professional and personal life goals. She draws upon her international marketing & business management experience to challenge, create and change. Having grown up in India, Anjalika is now based in Kronberg and is passionate about continuous development, environment, and igniting a positive mindset.

We look forward to meeting you soon



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