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Emergent Essence Dynamics (EN)

If coaches rush too soon into transformation with clients, they often risk running into resistance that is reactive, fear-based and rigid. This ultimately makes the coaching process more complicated than necessary. When coaches take a few minutes to capture the client’s resilience BEFORE embarking on any change process, then most of those initial fears or stress will subside, because the coach is grounding the client in their core vitality and innate creativity. This presentation gives coaches some simple techniques to activate resilience at the beginning of a session so the client is more fluid and agile, resulting in a deeper, more truthful exploration. We also explore some simple ways to counter-act resistance, converting typical resistant behaviours into resilient energy and keep the session flowing with creativity. This presentation includes discussion, a demo and interactive practice.


Who should attend:

  • New coaches struggling to deal with resistant clients
  • Seasoned coaches looking to simplify the transformation process
  • Any coach who wants to immerse their clients in the direct experience of resilience


Speaker: Troy Yorke

Troy, the creator of Emergent Essence Dynamics™, is a Performance Master Coach for Executive Leaders and Arts & Entertainment Professionals. His diverse background of over 25 years as an award-winning concert pianist, composer, writer, Film/TV actor and producer incorporates a wealth of knowledge working with human creativity and high-performance behaviour.

A lifetime pursuit of excellence and mastery has led him around the globe working with top performers, trailblazers and thought leaders, including performing at the United Nations. Former Senior Faculty at Coaches Training Institute, he travels internationally to train EED programs. His pragmatic style, inspirational passion and multifaceted approach make him a dynamic trainer that liberates the creative brilliance of each individual.


    About Emergent Essence Dynamics™ (EED):

    EED’s holistic and fractal-based approach redefines coaching, leadership and mediation as a combined skill-set, elevating the fundamental nature of transformational work. Drawing from fields as diverse as Quantum Physics, Neuroscience, Acting & Improv and the latest in Consciousness Research, EED harnesses innate resilience to neutralize fear-based patterns, transforming Resistance and Self-Sabotage into a liberated state of creativity, agility and wellbeing.


    Evening Program / Ablauf des Abends:

    18.30 Entry, Registrations und Networking

    18:45 ICF und Chapter Updates

    19:00 Presentation: EMERGENT ESSENCE DYNAMICS

    ~20:00  (15 Minuten Pause for networking and discussion)  

    21:30 Participants closing

    21:45 End of evening



    Core Competencies: 2 CCEU

    Resource Development: 1 CCEU


    Ihr Beitrag / Costs:

    Mitglieder / Member ICF Deutschland e.V.:  10 EUR
    Mitglieder / Member ICF global: 15 EUR
    Gäste / Guest: 20 EUR
    Plus Ticketgebühr / Plus Ticket fee


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