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Prof. Dr. Paul Brown Applied Neuroscience: Why do Coaches need to know about the brain? in englischer Sprache

The way that behaviour arises through the brain’s emotional rather than cognitive system; how coaching is a contract to change the brain; and why in consequence coaches need this body of knowledge if we are to create a sustainable profession.  These elements raise in their turn the question of how one would conduct coaching from a brain-based point of view, and the presentation outlines what a coach needs to know and how to go about that.  The session also raises the question of male/female brain differences in function: the nature of the male-female dyad in coaching: and the workings of the triad in supervision.



Unser Referent / Our Speaker: Prof. Dr. Paul Brown

Professor of Organisational Neuroscience, Monarch Business School Switzerland: Visiting Professor, Henley Business School UK: clinical and organisational psychologist, executive coach and supervisor: partner in Eicke Leadership Academy, Bad Soden: Founder of The ION Partnership: cabinet maker for pleasure: living in Laos, S E Asia, and teaching and consulting worldwide: co-author of four applied neuroscience books in the last eight years and one novel: creating an integrated theory of  the individual and the organisation.


Benefits for the participants?

  •  An update on current and rapidly-developing knowledge in the modern brain sciences.
  •  Confirming, extending or challenging what attendees already know.
  •  The opportunity to think strategically about the development of coaching as a profession
  •  Opportunity for attendees to consider the direction of their own professional development
  •  Considering the nature of an individual’s life history and its place in coaching


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