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Why and how coaching boosts the success of tech companies in the Silicon Valley

Why and how coaching boosts the success of tech companies in the Silicon Valley

Let us dive into the Silicon Valley and explore the DNA of Leadership shared by some of the world’s most admired companiesJean-Francois Cousin, a global executive coach and the Chairman of the Global Board of the International Coach Federation in 2019, is a recognized expert in leadership and a former senior executive. Mr. Cousin will share unique insights from his first-hand experience, in his thought-provoking and experiential manner, and address: 

  • which kind of leadership is being nurtured by some of the “world’s most admired companies”?
  • how does coaching help?
  • what is its impact on employees’ mindset and behaviors and on team’s agility and collaboration, in our digital world?
  • how do we need to be as coaches and leaders, to support the growth of agility and collaboration in the  organizations we serve?
  • how will our newly founded ICF Thought Leadership Institute help boldly shape the future and impact of coaching?





Jean-François Cousin, MCC, has been an Executive Coach for more than a decade. Previously, he served in senior leadership positions in Asia and Europe for a global company. Jean-François coaches CEOs, CXOs and board members worldwide, on topics including leadership development, board dynamics, strategic planning and organizational and cultural change management. He passionately helps companies enhance collaboration and agility across the ranks, to bolster their success in our VUCA world. Jean-François is also dedicated to the growth of the Coaching Profession. He has advocated coaching to numerous corporate audiences, co-authored two books promoting coaching and written Game Changers at the Circus about unleashing greatness in organizations with a coaching culture. Jean-François serves as the 2019 ICF Global Board Chairman and was Secretary/Treasurer on the 2018 ICF Global Board.


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09. April 2020; 12:00 - 13:30 (CEST)


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