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Gemeinwohl-Ökonomie: Common Good Oriented Economies (EN)

In all areas of society, the Economy for the Common Good contributes to a culture of good living in a peaceful and sustainable civilization. Living together in the common good society is characterized by human coexistence, a high degree of trust and appreciation, strong social cohesion, manageable structures and fundamental rights. Together with sovereign democracy, the common good society offers citizens the right framework. In the webinar I will give you:

  • Brief introduction to the movement of the common good economy (development, vision and goals)
  • GWÖ balance sheet report as main Tool to change the economy: content, aim and procedure: How do I get a balance sheet report?
  • Interaction with the participants: Concerns, questions and requests

Speaker: Madlen Sanchino Martinez

I am a systemic change consultant with a focus on leadership oriented on the common good and corporate-culture. I advise companies and organizations on preparing their balance sheet for the common good and use it as a tool for organizational development.

I volunteer for the common good economy and am part of the board of the GWÖ Verein Berlin-Brandenburg and coordinator of the organizational development team in the structure of the Foundation of the International Association.

Benefits for the participants?

  • Raising awareness of the possibilities of alternative societal shaping and economy in line with values ​​and sustainability
  • Get to know the sustainability report of the GWÖ
  • You will learn more about the possibilities to create a GWÖ Report
  •  Possibility to clarify your own questions about the common good economy

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