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"ICF Team Coaching Certification (ACTC) Challenge"

Organisations are operating in an constantly changing environment. To remain relevant, those teams need to perform and adapt to work towards organisational goals. And that means that we need more team coaches to support those teams. ICF designed a dedicated accreditation for team coaching that was launched at the beginning of 2023.

We invite you to join a session where we explore the history of the accreditation, requirements and any other information that you mightwnat to find out.


Speaker: Cristina Mühl

Cristina Mühl is the Ambasador for Team Coaching from the ICF Global Community of Practice for Group and Team Coaching and member of the ICF Germany Board. She hold a Team Coaching accreditation both from ICF and EMCC. She has coached executives and management at various levels to develop their skills and realize their potential. Throughout her experience, she has guided several teams in finding a better way to work together to achieve the maximum through active listening, powerful questioning and activating the resources of each individual.


Benefits for the participants

  • Discover more about the work that was done to create the ACTC accreditation
  • Explore the requirements for ACTC
  • Exchange and learn from each other


Additional Information

Advanced Certification in Team Coaching - International Coaching Federation


This event is free of charge



No CCEU's will be awarded for this event




Thu, 28 Nov. 2023 18:00 - 19:30 CEST



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