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International Coaching Federation Foundation, Call for Coaches: Opportunity for pro-bono coaching – Apply by August 31, 2021

Dear all,

The ICF Foundation believes that globally, the effectiveness of social system change organizations increases through professional coaching. Coaching builds capacity in organizations and has a ripple effect when applied to its leadership.  We are committed to measuring and reporting out on the impact of coaching on systems change organizations in order to encourage more organizations to engage coaches for their leadership teams and, as a result, to increase positive social change globally.

In 2021, The ICF Foundation has partnered with social system change organizations in Bolivia, Ghana, Guatemala, Malawi, Kenya and Peru to offer a coaching program for each organization’s leadership team, click here for more information. Organizations report on their baseline social impact metrics at the start of the engagement and a after one year.  Leaders of these organizations work collaboratively with the ICF Foundation on social impact metrics, data collection and evaluation over the course of the year. Organizations must be in pursuit of positive, sustainable social change with a mission supporting one or more of the United Nations 2030 Sustainable Development Goals. The organization must have identified social impact metrics that it is tracking regarding its work and resulting social impact.

The recipient of coaching in the organization (Client) will be the one leader who is ultimately responsible for the success of the organization and has a direct impact on the organization’s social impact. Clients will receive coaching from ICF Credentialed Coaches, in their local language, over the course of one year, with a minimum of 24 hours of coaching annually, at a cadence that is suitable and most impactful for the Client and Coach. Coaching will focus on achieving the organization’s goals and social impact measures. For this project, we are looking for highly qualified credentialed coaches who are interested in applying to provide pro bono coaching to social entrepreneurs over the course of one year,  Fall 2021- Fall 2022, exact dates to be determined. Specifically, we are aiming to place ICF credentialed coaches in Germany.

Click here to apply by Thursday, August 31, 2021: Coach Application: Pro Bono Coaching for Social Impact Pilot (Germany).

For more information about Coaching For Social Impact, please click here.
For questions about this opportunity, please send inquiries to

Thank you!


Coura Badiane, MBA, CAE
Vice President

ICF Foundation


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