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Let’s find out more about Ethical Dilemmas in Team Coaching!


How much do we know about Ethical Dilemmas in Team Coaching?

For me a lot of practitioners it feels like we don't talk enough about it, we tend to avoid engaging with the subject. To overcome that, I'm inviting you to start looking into this. And the first step would be to collect information among us as practitioners.

The survey below includes a couple of questions supporting creating a picture around how we define an ethical dilemma, how often they appear and are there certain areas where we tend to have more questions? I’m curious to see what kind of information we can extract that would help the entire team coaching community to understand what we know already and what conversations need to happen to create a common understanding.

Link to Survey

I would highly appreciate it if you could take 13 minutes and fill in the survey. It will create the first steps towards a conversational space on ethics in team coaching.

Looking forward to sharing with everyone the results either as an executive summary or during further virtual education events.

Thank you,

Cristina Mühl, PCC, SP, ESIA, ITCA


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