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Cristina Muehl
Mitglied des Chapters Nürnberg

PCC Professional Certified Coach

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PCC Associate Certified Coach

Cristina Muehl Coaching & Consulting

ICF Zertifizierung
2-3 Jahre
Coaching Fokus
Team Coaching



Mainly I focus on working with teams and groups. My client's range includes NGOs, CEOs of startups, women in need of career redesign, to ex-pats to board members. I strongly believe everyone needs someone to listen and activate innate resources.


The main areas are:

- Coaching (team or individual coaching)

- Coaching courses (Coaching Fundamentals, Team Coaching and Change Facilitator in Organisations, Business Development Mastermind)

Kontext und Schwerpunkte

My background in compliance, audit, consulting and the international business arena made me realize how important coaching was in the current scenario of the corporate world.

I'm also very strongly involved in supporting female employees to reach equal opportunities, develop and reach their full potential.

I was introduced to Solution Focused approach during my coaching training with Kirsten and after that by having interactions with members of the SF community. She has been heavily involved in organizing the first 24 hours SF Conference and adapting business models to incorporate SF values.

My desire is to enable people to grow and work towards their desired future by means of active listening, powerful questioning, and activating each individuals’ resources.

Besides coaching, I'm involved in several consulting and mentoring projects that allow me to use my vast financial and business experience and expertise.

Sprachen im Coaching

I usually coach in English, German, and Romanian, while the courses that I offer are mostly focused on English and Romanian.


I'm currently a member of ICF and EMCC and supporting SFiO Romania.

Ausbildung / Weiterbildung

Solution Focused Practitioner

Weitere Angebote / Leistungen

Coaching courses: Coaching fundamentals and Coaching in Organisations

Courses aiming at developing business skills: Change Facilitator in Organisations together with Alan Kay

For coaches that are interested in developing their praxis, I organize Business Development Masterminds.

Weitere Informationen

Questions/ suggestions/ ideas/ comments are welcome.

Reach out and let's set up a free 30 minutes appointment and talk.

I look forward to it!

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