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The 3As of Coaching: Adjectives, Adverbs and Absolutes

The 3As of Coaching is a presentation outlining how exploring the client's use of qualifiers can create powerful awareness into how they are sensing both their situation and themselves. Transformational conversations in coaching happen when coaches pay attention to the details, the subtle nuances in a client's word choices. Little words, seemingly throw-away add-ons, can be a profound avenue of inquiry and exploration into the inner thoughts and being of your clients. Why? Because we each choose these descriptors for personal reasons. These qualifiers are known as the 3As: Adjectives, Adverbs, and Absolutes. When we explore our client's use of the 3As, we open up their awareness to the words they might be unconsciously choosing (or consciously choosing for dramatic purposes) and bring conscious focus to their intention choices for speaking their lives into reality.


Speaker: Daniel Olexa

Daniel Olexa, MCC, CIHt has been a coach all of his life. He started his 'official' coaching career in 2017. In less than 7 years, he earned his MCC credential, coached hundreds of clients, trained over 3,500 individuals around the world to become coaches, and mentored nearly 100 coaches to achieve their credentials with a 100% success rate. He is the founder of Transcendent Living, and believes in everyone's ability to live beyond normal outcomes (the definition of transcendence), if they are committed to changing their being through examining their stories of worthiness and self. Daniel is a 3x Amazon bestselling author, corporate trainer and keynote speaker. His motto is: "Extraordinary people do extraordinary things. (Re)Awaken to your gifts.”


Added value for the participants:

  • The power of inquiring and exploring the 3As
  • How to help your client create new awareness around their qualification words (that they may not have realized they were doing)
  • Shift from what-focused sessions to who-centric sessions by discovering the WHY behind the client's qualifiers
  • How the 3 As apply to Core Competencies
  • Listens actively & evokes awareness



Tue., 11th of June 2024, 19:00 – 20:30 CEST




Core Competencies:         0.75

Resource Development:   0.75



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