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Put Your Oxygen Mask on First: How Raising Your Self-Care Standards Can Make You a Better Coach, Parent and Professional

Self-care is the cornerstone of building a strong personal foundation and a strong character, both of which play a crucial role in manifesting our goals and dreams and determing our success in life. By making the conscious choice to engage in a higher level of self-care than you ever have before or you ever thought possible, you jump-start the process of naturally attracting what you need and want in life, allowing life to flow more effortlessly.Whether you are a coach, parent or professional, learning to elevate your self-care standards to a new level you will inevitably become a better role model and leader in your personal and professional life. 

In this workshop, you will learn:

  • the basics of CoachU’s Personal Foundation Program
  • what extreme self-care and a strong personal foundation really look like
  • how 10 areas of your life will improve with a strong self-care program
  • 3 steps to get started on your own individualized self-care program
  • how coaches, parents, professionals and anyone interested can enjoy higher quality of life through improving their self-care habits

Elizabeth Kruempelmann is a professionally certified coach through CoachU and ICF and uses CoachU’s Personal Foundation to help her coaching clients transform their lives through strengthening their self-care for mind, body and spirit.

She is also a published author, yoga practitioner, personal development enthusiast and mother of two teenagers.

Morana Smolcicis certified Organizational Coach (ACC-ICF) with 15+ years of experience in the legal sector - advocacy, notary and corporate world. She is on a mission to assists professionals in developing high level of mental & emotional awareness and elasticity, by using whole brain oriented development strategies as catalysts for positive change.

Elizabeth and her co-facilitator Morana Smolcic, along with their partners Selma Fehrmann and Edit Pelejtei-Horvath, are part of an international team of Dusseldorf-based ICF certified coaches and co-founders of the Global Paths Academy (GPA), which offers professional and personal development programs in English for expats, global professionals and coaches.

Recommended preparation work

There is no prep work necessary, however participants may want to take a few minutes to reflect on all the important aspects of their lives, their current state of self-care and how better self-care could enhance their lives.

It may be helpful to bring a reflection journal to the workshop.



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