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The Power of Life-Affirming Language and speakGreen in Transformational Conversations

Language is THE tool of coaches and it’s our responsibility to choose words, expressions, and questions wisely and in harmony with our consciousness. Using phrases just because “that’s the way we use to say it” can be harmful and hindering in coaching processes.

speakGreen offers a wide array of powerful words and formulations which resonate positively with possibilities and opportunities. In coaching conversations, they serve as micro-interventions. Seemingly small words and simple expressions result in huge changes and transformations.

In this session, you are invited to dive deeper into practical examples of the power of a life-affirming language in transformational coaching conversations which are beneficial for both coaches and coachees alike.

Let’s expand our coaching practice and take it to deeper and higher levels

– day-by-day and word-for-word: speakGreen!


Speaker: Dr. Claudia Gross

Dr. Claudia Gross is a soulful Business Humanist, Consultant and Trainer.

For over 25 years, she facilitates integral transformations in organizations, teams and individuals mainly in Germany, the Maghreb, the Middle East and Sub-Saharan Africa.

Claudia is both the founder of human-centered Organizational Governance for which she curates the Life at Work // Weekly newsletter, and the initiator of speakGreen offering an intentional, life-affirming language. Read more about it in her book Words Create Worlds!

For more information, kindly check her linktree and her website.

Connect with her on LinkedIn!


Benefits for the participants

  • Get deep insights and practical examples regarding the power of language in transformational coaching conversations.
  • Experience by your Self the magic of a life-affirming, generative language.
  • Discover the positive effects of reframing, reformulating and reauthoring.
  • Experiment with words and formulations in a practical session and inspire the other participants as well as be mutually inspired by them.
  • Take practical ideas, impulses, and inspiring formulations with you which you can apply immediately to expand your coaching practice and take it to deeper as well as higher levels for you and your coachees.


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Thu, 15 Jun 2023 19:00 - 20:30 CEST



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