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DEIJ: What’s in an accroymn and how might this specific one inspire change

Throughout human history every civilisation has breathed, believed and behaved with prejudice. Often not in silence and alone but through large communities for the advantage and privilege of preserving self.

As coaches, how are we awakened to the subtle nature of how are biases show up in wanting to make a difference? To evoke curiosity, deepen our understanding and acknowledge the part we can play in facilitating social justice.

This interactive session is an opportunity for us to build safety and robustness in having such conversations since if it’s not us when who? And if not now then when?


Speaker: Saima Butt, MBA, MCC

Saima Butt, (she/her) MBA, MCC

Coaching and societal progress are inextricably linked. 20+ years of purposeful practice to connect leaders within organisations with the abundance of possibility for all people and the planet to thrive.

 Drawn by “commitment and ruthless compassion” in “applying strategic thinking” and “intuitive awareness”. Within ONE ICF: a past UKICF Board Director, current ACTP Director, Certified Mentor Coach, ICF Foundation Treasurer/Trustee and ICF Coach Training DEIJ Advisory Committee.


Benefit for the participants

  • (1) Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Justice – what inspires you to engage and include this within your coaching practice
  • (2) What are our blind spots in this field
  • (3) What is ours to do to make all feel welcome, valued, included and treated with respect
  • (4) How might you successfully have these conversations within your systems


More Informationen &

HBR: The Key to Inclusive Leadership by Juliet Bourke & Andrea Titus



Mon, 6 December 2021, 19:00 – 20:30 CET



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