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Transformation to Teal.

Transformation to Teal. From I to we culture. The collective way of mutually empower and enable employees. Insights and practical experience


The Future is a different country. They do things differently there. How to prepare for the 4th industrial revolution.

Discover the laws that help you navigate in an ever more complex world. Why collaborative thinking beats individual smarts. From I to WE culture.

The old industrial hierarchical organisational design does not work anymore. The 4th industrial revolution in the age of Digitization requires new management qualities for the human business approach. These are in particular the interpersonal guiding and coordinating of the collective leadership. The manager of tomorrow is the emotional leader and role model for Human Business. Creating this Digital Mindset in your company is the core business.


 The Chinese say that to be a complete person, you should have three different careers. From the time he was born in Oslo in 1952, Christopher has lived and studied in several countries, been the owner of a large scale farm in Norway, worked with immigrants and traumatized juveniles, been an executive in both sales and marketing in the telecom before he in 2003 decided to change again and started his career as a coach.

Coaching is for him about finding the best version of yourself and to take the journey to that version of yourself is demanding. It takes courage and vulnerability. When in Norway during 2003 decided to introduce a 40% female quota on all public boards, Christopher decided he would direct his work to support women all over the world to find and live from their inner voice. He considers this to be the most important issue whatsoever in today’s society for us, the inhabitants of the only planet we have, to co-create a common and really sustainable future. Christopher is married, has three children, work and live in Munich Germany


·       Information on the transformation towards a collective leadership culture

·       Why this is important

·       New work leadership in a Digital world with a human touch

·       Working with personal values and life purpose

·       Evolutionary Coaching principles

·       Personal Mastery, a prerequisite for being a leader in a Teal conscious organisation

Introduction to the Richard Barrett model for personal transformation

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