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Coaching on the Correct Floor of the Brain (in English)

Content of the Workshop

In our coaching work with clients, many of us have experienced the following frustrating scenario: As a result of the coaching, our client has developed a clear strategy and defined the next steps to achieve their goal. But something blocks him/her from putting that hard-won new strategy into actual practice.

Very often these blocks are non-conscious. That’s why analyzing them is futile.

In this workshop you’ll learn more about the part of the brain that creates blocks and other unpleasant and dysfunctional emotional responses. You’ll walk away with two techniques to “speak its language” - which increases the odds of achieving lasting results in coaching.

Here’s what we’ll cover in this interactive workshop:

1.    Short theoretical background about our emotional brain’s role in change work
2.    One or two live demonstrations with workshop participants
3.    Guided exercise for all participants to reduce the emotional intensity connected to an issue

Sylvia's Profile

Sylvia Kurpanek is the founder of the Palo Alto Institute for Systemic Coaching in California and developed the PALO ALTO COACHING method to help her clients in Silicon Valley to address issues and challenges in a single or very few coaching sessions. At her institute, she also traines and certifies coaches, therapists, and sports psychologists in her unique brain-based coaching approaches.
Her mission is to establish Brief Brain-Based Coaching and to get more people into coaching. She specializes in Single-Session Coaching to meet the requirements of clients’ fast-paced and demanding work environment.


Goal/Added Value

At the end of the workshop, participants will walk away with an even deeper understanding about:

•    The limbic system and its role in our behavior
•    Why is it impossible to “talk ourselves out of” an emotion or a block?
•    What can we do instead?
•    Two methods of “communicating” with the limbic system to use our brain and mind to work for, rather than against, our best interest


Time schedule

18:45h Welcome- ICF and Coaching Hot Topic
19:00h Workshop
20:30h Networking

Guests: 25,- Euro
ICF Global Member: 20,- Euro
ICF Member Deutschland: 10,- Euro


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