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Intuition as a Coaching Tool


Can Intuition be explained? What is Intuition and what is not? How do you access intuition? How do you recognize it?  What are the benefits to tune into your intuition and be able to use it? What is the relation between Instinct and Intuition?’

Intuition is present in our everyday life. It provides us with information when we need it and it uses all the means available to reach us. Through Intuition we overcome the limits of our rationality and we access a much wider perceptual field.
In this call we will explore
- how the coaching competencies can enhance our Intuition
- how intuition can empower our mastery of the coaching competencies
- how we can integrate our intuition in our coaching practice and in our daily life.

Only when we suspend the judgment, when we lower the volume of thoughts and we relate in an authentic way with a person, intuition can find its space and the intuitive information that reaches the mind remains pure, clear.

Cristina Campofreddo

Since 1986 in skills development, training and HR management for leading companies in the fashion, publishing, and financial field. I was inspired by a deep passion for purposeful leadership and personal & professional development. I founded CoachingEra in 2013 and channeled in this company my 30+ years experience in leadership training, consulting and mentoring in the global corporate world to deliver purposeful high quality coaching and training. I am committed to support executives and professionals to fully access their talents and make the best of their path.

I believe that transformation from the inside out is the most powerful way to reach the desired results.

My Coaching Expertise:

       Success Unlimited Certified PCC Coach & Trainer

       ICF Credentialing Assessor & Mentor Coach

       +2500 coaching hours 

Participants to this call:

·       will be aware of what is the difference between thinking and intuition, and what is the connection between intuition and thought

·       will have some tools to recognize when thought has an intuitive origin and when it is the result of reasoning

·       will access the awarenees about how our Presence is needed to allow our Intuition to inform us; we will explore how essential is to be present in the moment, to ourselves and to our coaching clients

·       will be aware that we need to have an Agreement with ourselves in order to allow the Intuitive process to be heard and recognized

·       will understand how Trust is essential in order to tap into our Intuition and let it support our lives and our coaching practice

  •   will also realize that Taking Action is the manifestation of Trust and it can allow Intuition to connect us with our Higher Wisdom.

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