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Dear Colleagues,

We invite you to participate in Peer Coaching sessions organized during ICW.

Please read the guidelines below, and we would be happy to receive you as a participant to this initiative.

Following your expressed willingness to participate, we will organize and send you the pairs so that you can proceed with fixing the dates of your sessions

We will expect your answer to participate by 07/05/22 so that we can proceed with the pairings

The Board of Directors of ICF Germany and ICF Greece have decided to organize a joint event for ICW and invite its members to participate in peer coaching sessions.

The event will take place during the duration of ICW, between  16/5-22/5.

The language used in the sessions will be English  and the participants should hold the accreditation of ACC, PCC, MCC.

The sessions are recognized as paid hours in the client log although no money will be exchanged because each participant will compensate the hours she/he will receive by the hours he/she will offer.

The initiative  will provide a cross cultural coaching experience , and will be perfectly aligned with ICF’s declaration  “As members of the ICF community, we ascribe to the core values of integrity, excellence, collaboration and respect. The foundation of these values is a shared commitment to diversity, inclusion, belonging and justice.”

  • Coaching will be 30-50 minutes by agreement
  • Debrief session based on the ICF core competences
    • The coach shares how well they felt they followed the competencies, what went well, what they feel they could have done differently
    • Then the client does the same
  • Pairs will start with 3 sessions as a coach and 3 sessions as a coachee. Upon mutual agreement they can add sessions.

The rules to follow :

  1. Commitment means 2 sessions,1 session as a coach and 1 as a coachee
  2. Coach and coachee agree dates and times of coaching sessions . The coachee must contact the coach and arrange dates within 7 days of the details being announced
  3. There is a fee of 150 euro per hour of coaching received. The fee moves around the circle, i.e no money physically changes hands. This is so that the coaching hours can count towards ICF accreditation/credentials
  4. Participants are signing up to the Code of Ethics
  5. All coaching sessions are confidential

Autorin: Iris Baloglou, President 2022 ICF Greece Charter Chapter Grafik: Coffee meeting photo created by pch.vector -  |

ISSN: 2702-7880

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